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Sandy Helfrich

Intuitive Healer

Reiki Master

Guided Imagery Therapist

Professional Speaker & Author


Sandy worked for 18 years in the Accounting Field.  During the last few years of which, she also facilitated a personal development course.  This week long course was very intense and had powerful effects on those that attended.  She soon discovered that she loved working with people and making a difference in their lives.  So she left her professional career behind. 

After several years of soul searching, her own personal development, research, and experiencing many alternative healing methods, she found what she was looking for.  After receiving her first reiki session in 2001, Sandy was so exited by the experience that she immediately completed her Reiki Level I and II training. Sandy is now a Reiki Master.

Sandy’s first exposure to Guided Imagery (GI) came while reading Dr. Andrew Weils book Spontaneous Healing.  She was so blown away with the success stories Dr. Weil shared that she did additional research on this incredibly powerful healing tool.  She found Guided Imagery to be a highly effective, safe, non evasive way of tapping into the subconscious to gain information and understanding in order to begin the healing process.  Sandy became the first Canadian GI Therapist Certified by Synergy Seminars in 2002 and has been operating a practice in Calgary Alberta Canada since that time.    

Both GI and Reiki honor the mind body spirit connection and work at all levels including, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  As a result, Sandy has found that combining the two modalities has had extremely positive effects.  In fact, the most common words Sandy hears from her clients describing their session are powerful and empowering.   


Sandy’s Personal Mission Statement

 “To enrich my own life and the lives of others by living and acting from a place of love as I follow and trust my higher power as I am guided to my life’s purpose and true inner peace.”


Sandy’s Professional Mission Statement

  “Through continuous educational and experiential learning, personal integrity and compassion, I use my skills to help others improve their lives, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

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